Court reporters are qualified through agencies such as the NCRA. There are other agencies that do the same job, but the NCRA was set up to recognize the competence of a court reporter, and since 1935 it has done a lot to support the industry, establishing people as 'Certified Professionals,' who are known as CPs, and can work in courts....

A lot of people are looking for a new career path. But the rising cost of college tuition can make it difficult for many people even to consider embarking on that new career path. There are plenty of good jobs with great salaries where minimal education is required. One of those jobs is that of a court reporter.

Since the late nineteen-eighties, many people have been wondering if court reporter would be replaced by technology. The answer to that question is no. Some 30 years later court reporters are still in high demand yes the technology has changed and your new forms of dictation being used in courtrooms but court reporters still are in high demand.