Court reporters have not been replaced by technology


Since the late nineteen-eighties, many people have been wondering if court reporter would be replaced by technology. The answer to that question is no. Some 30 years later court reporters are still in high demand yes the technology has changed and your new forms of dictation being used in courtrooms but court reporters still are in high demand.

What a court reporter using a stenograph can do has not been replaced by any other technology. We expect that to be true for years to come. Would also see where court reporters are evolving to add these new technologies. So instead of being replaced by these Technologies, they are using it and their business model to offer and even better service.

Many people thought that computer speech recognition such as Dragon Naturally Speaking what replaced the traditional court reporter. What has happened is that it is just another form of court reporting that is available. There are many traditional court reporters are also utilizing this skill in their work. There are advantages to using this form of speech recognition. It does allow a court reporting student to quickly graduate and start working, but it is a skill that must be mastered. We all know that court reporting school on the stenograph take so long so many people are attracted to becoming a speech recognition style court reporter.

The biggest fear for a long time it's when computers will be able to record speech in real time and accurately distinguish between speakers. We're not there yet, and we are a far away from it. Even when that does happen everyone is doubtful that humans would not be involved in the process. There are certain things that computers and speech recognition just can't do. For example, it is hard to have a computer distinguish when a person interrupts another person and accurately tag that person's name in the court report. So even that style of Technology will never replace the traditional court reporter, but like all technologies that have come out, it will help them do their jobs better.

So no court reporting has not been replaced by new technologies and has been helped by these new technologies. It creates new skills new types of court reporters, and it will only help grow this industry even more. So the question should be how can you use these new technologies to grow your business.