The Rising Demand of Court Reporter Jobs


A lot of people are looking for a new career path. But the rising cost of college tuition can make it difficult for many people even to consider embarking on that new career path. There are plenty of good jobs with great salaries where minimal education is required. One of those jobs is that of a court reporter.

While the job market in the United States may not be perfect, it is not as bad as a lot of people think it is. One career path that is proving to remain solid despite any economic factors is that of the corporate order. In fact, jobs in the court reporting sector are expected to continue to rise as the demand for court reporters increases.

Court reporters can make up to six figures a year and the demand for these professionals is always present. A lot of career seekers overlook this path not realizing how lucrative it is or how capable they are to get started as a court reporter.

According to the National Court Reporter Association, a recent study found that court reporting professionals will be in dire need in the next few years. To be a court reporter, a person only needs a two-year associate degree from an accredited school.

What Court Reporters Do

Court reporters attend court and legal proceedings and provide transcriptions of every single thing that go on. They are shorthand professionals using specialized transcription machines to prepare transcriptions for trials, depositions, and other court proceedings. There are court reporters that also work for television captioning services and do real-time translations for the deaf for public events or business meetings. They may even serve in classrooms.

There is no shortage of positions available for anyone in the court reporting field. Many court reporters do work for local governments or state governments in the legislature or courthouses. Some might even work for attorneys.

How to Be a Court Reporter

An individual has to complete an accredited court reporting program. These are offered at community colleges and other academic institutions. There are also specific court reporting schools. If you are interested in becoming a court reporter, check your state for more information on the various programs available. You will need to buy a court reporting transcription machine to take your classes and complete your program with a certificate. Then you can start on this rewarding career.